Creative House has been serving Chicagoland since 1966
Our talented & dedicated staff  has made the success we enjoy possible
These pictures do not show the talented sub-contracor crews we associate with.
Many have worked for us for as long as we have been in business.

           Our Staff


Ronald J. Zapfe, ASID President
       Professional member of the
       American Society of Interior Designers
       Established Creative House


Mark S. Zapfe, Allied Member
     American Society of Interior Designers
     15 Years with Creative House

    Ruth Zapfe,  Manager
        39 years with Creative House



    Workroom Staff



    20 Years with Creative House



Mary Anne 
     Workroom Manager
    24 years with Creative House \

    Supervising & mentoring our staff
    of seamstresses.

And a cast of terrific Independent Professional Tradesmen
 Painters . Paperhangers . Carpenters . Electricians . Carpet Installers
We have had a great working relationship for years.

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